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The Funeral App and TheFuneralApp.com were created to provide free online obituaries and help you and your family with funeral planning. Our free resource provides online obituaries from any city across the nation. Simply select the cities you want to follow, for free, and set your preferred notification options so that you receive an alert when a new obituary is posted within a city on your list. If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can still follow the cities of your choice and browse those obituaries for free.

When using The Funeral App or visiting TheFuneralApp.com, our Advanced Search tool allows you to search by name or a particular nursing home. This is helpful if you know someone’s name but you don’t know where they were living at the time of passing.

When you click on an obituary, the link will take you to the funeral home’s website that is handling the funeral services. From there, you can read the full obituary, and post and send your condolences. You will also find the information you need to send flowers, make travel plans, or contact the grieving family.

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The Funeral App is a completely free resource with no subscription fees. Average printing costs for an obituary in the newspaper is $298, but most funeral homes post that same obituary on their websites at no cost. The Funeral App links to these free obituaries, allowing families to bring awareness and share the passing of their loved one on a free platform that is open to the public.

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In addition to providing free, online obituaries, The Funeral App can help you plan a funeral with your own final wishes, or the arrangements for a loved one. Within the My Funeral Wishes section, you can record your personal wishes along with other specifics that you would like your funeral to include. The Funeral App is a great resource to record, store, and share which songs you would like played at your funeral service, who you would like to speak over you, whether you would like to be buried or cremated, or which poem or bible verse you would like read. Whether you plan on having a celebration of life, a memorial, or leave a simple death notice, help your family be prepared and have peace of mind that they have honored the final wishes of their loved one.

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Our funeral planning does not connect to a specific funeral home - it connects to all of them. In the section, Find a Funeral Home, you can search all funeral homes in the United States or search by city. You can request a quote from a particular funeral home in your area or get quotes from many different funeral homes. The Funeral App links directly to each funeral home’s website, so that you can browse their products or services while still within the app.

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Follow our blog. We’ll help you learn more about how to plan a funeral. You’ll also find information about unique cremation and burial products, grief support, and other helpful and informative articles. Have specific questions? Email us at info@TheFuneralApp.com or use the ‘Contact Us’ form provided.

Whether you are searching for obituaries, deciding how to share your own personal wishes, searching for a funeral home, or looking for information about how to plan a funeral, The Funeral App is your complete resource. FOAPP is dedicated to helping people educate themselves, easily and privately prepare, and stay connected through obituaries. We believe in our core value that family, friends, and life are important to all of us.